WTFSkins Review With Affiliate Code

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If you are familiar with the CS:GO or Dota 2 games, you know that these are not just the greatest Valve projects of all time. These are more than games, but social platforms, where everybody can express themselves. The main way to do it is by applying different skins to your weapons or characters. It is no wonder that the in-built Steam marketplaces were followed by the specialized services immediately. Now, regular players can find numerous Web services where they can buy, sell, or exchange a skin.

WTFSkins is a representative of the latest trend of gambling for the CS:GO and Dota 2 items. The platform allows depositing a skin from the Steam account, getting in-built currency, spending in games, and winning a new skin for an exchange or collection. Let us find out whether the service is a scam or not, what games it has, if there are other services, and if it is suitable to use the platform or not.

Is WTFSkins Legit and Safe?

Let the website’s design not scare you off. Yes, we all have seen more attractive casino sites. However, the design of the platform is not that important, is it? When we discuss online casinos, we are interested in the content, available prizes, and safety. Let me list the main details that concern safety and security:

  • The casino has a clear owner. It belongs to the company called Live Streaming Ads LLC and is registered in the USA. The registration number is W16981599. The casino operates under the gambling and general laws of Maryland State.
  • The casino encrypts the data of its users. It is clear, as the site uses the secure HTTPS protocol.
  • The registration is possible only for people over 18 years old. To complete the registration, you need to provide a Steam account. The casino will track and borrow the user’s data from it.
  • The gambling portal works with licensed and safepayment methods only. It has got the PayPal account, which is a significant argument in all discussions about safety.
  • The casino has not appeared recently. It has been known online at least since 2018.
  • The service has 814 reviews on Trustpilot, with an overall rating of 4.6. It is pretty good, especially for a casino.
  • All the games are built on a provably fair platform. It means that they use a blockchain system that cannot be rigged by default. Every user can check the legitimacy of the game result.

So, the WTFSkins portal can be called safe enough for every user. It has short but clear terms of use along with major protection measures.

Registration and Getting a Promo Code Activated

Now, I will explain how to register for the service and how to put in a refferal code if you have got one. In a nutshell, the process is much easier than the other casinos and gambling portals suggest:

  1. Get to the WTFSkins official website. Follow the referral link you have got from your blogger or google the official website by the name of the portal. You will need the very first link in the search results.
    WTFSkins review
  2. Do you see that long gray button on the top of the page that says, “Sign in through STEAM”? Hit it. You will be redirected to the Steam page with the suggestion to sign in.
    steam WTFSkins
  3. As you can see, the service will not share any piece of your personal data but an identification number.
  4. Hit the “Sign-in” button as soon as Steam accepts your login and password. You will be redirected back to the WTFSkins site as an already registered user.
    WTFSkins sign up
  5. There is no option to edit or change any personal data in the Profile settings of the service. You will see only your nickname taken from the Steam account, the unique identification code, and the history of your gaming and exchanges.
    WTFSkins code
  6. Now, you need to apply the affiliate code. Pay attention to the upper horizontal menu and find the “Free” tab there. Hit it. You will be redirected to the page with two fields. You need the first one. Type francisbonus there if you want to get a nice promotion from me.
    WTFSkins affiliate code
  7. Pass the Captcha and hit the “Apply” button. Note that you need to get at least 50 hours in your CS:GO game (yes, the service monitors your Steam statistics) and make the Steam profile open for the public.

That is how you register and get a bonus for the WTFSkins games. Please do not ask me how to use affiliate code again, as it is possible only once for every unique identification code. If you want a new code, you will need a new Steam profile.

How to Deposit at WTFSkins?

To accomplish it, you must hit the button “Deposit” in the upper-right corner of the main page. The button appears only for registered users. Proceed to the checkout window to see all the options available for depositing:

  • CS:GO, Dota 2, and TF2 Skins and keys. These are the main and the most popular methods. The system allows exchanging the CS:GO skins through the Steam API and Trader URL. To find them out, click on your profile and choose the Trader Link option. The system will redirect you to the Steam page, where you can generate the URL. The Steam API is your unique number assigned by the system. You will find it in the profile.
  • There is an option to deposit with fiat money and cryptocurrency. Fiat money presupposes using bank cards (VISA and MasterCard), electronic wallets (PayPal, Skrill, PayOp, GameMoney, or Kinguin, or purchasing a gift code for the service through the Kinguin or G2A Pay systems. Cryptocurrencies are represented with Bitcoin.

Depositing is done online and instantly. The slowest way is a bank card, with 24 hours of waiting. Both electronic wallets and cryptocurrency are instant. As a result, you will get the in-built currency of the system (red gems) with the exchange rate of one gem = $1. As for the skins, the system will estimate their value and quality. Both parameters will affect the final price. The system will upload your Steam collection and assign the price for your skins automatically.

Playing Games at WTFSkins

The service can be proud of three mostly familiar casino games and two special and unique services. Let us start with them. The first one is called the Upgrade. You get as many skins as you want into the first box and hit the button. Then you select the item you would like to have. Depending on the difference between the prices, a particular multiplier appears. If the system gets you to this multiplier, you win the item, and the exchange is successful. Otherwise, you lose your initial items.

Yes, you can lose, as the service is about gambling and risks. However, it is a good way to get rid of something cheap or annoying skins and grab something unique. The second unique service is called the Duplicator. It is similar to the Upgrade, but there is a slight difference. As a result, you get the new item and the duplicate of your initial skin back. If the system does not have it anymore, you will get something similar to it.

There are three WTFSkins games. If you are not strange to the modern online casinos, you will recognize them:

  • Crash game presupposes betting on a particular multiplier. Your task is to stop the counter until the multiplier finishes. The finish point is generated randomly by the blockchain platform. The higher is your saved multiplier, the higher is your final income. For instance, you bet two gems and get the 2.50 multiplier. In the end, you get five gems.
  • The second game is a blockchain-based traditional roulette game. The rules are similar to its table casino analog.
  • The third game is the Jackpot. It depends on the number of players in it. Each one increases the pot size but lowers the probability of winning for each competitor.

That is it. These are all the games of the service for now. I hope they will get more soon. Each game is built on the provably fair principle, so you can check the results of each round.

How to Withdraw Winnings?

Here comes the worst news about WTFSkins. Withdrawals are available only with skins, even if you have made a deposit with money. However, you can choose the reward. Depending on the payout method chosen, you can find many interesting skins. Currently, the database of the service is full of CS:GO skins and TF2 crate keys. There are four options to withdraw a CS:GO skin:

  • through the Steam account;
  • through the Steam Trade URL;
  • instant skin delivery on your steam account;
  • through the Waxpeer marketplace.

Though the last method requires additional registration, it has the most significant number of available suggestions at the moment. Furthermore, there is an option to get a Dota 2 Skins through the API and a TF2 key through the trader URL. As the service claims, all the skins must be on your account within 30 minutes.

WTFSkins Bonuses – Use My Promo Code “francisbonus”

Besides the affiliate code “francisbonus” to be applied, you can count on the other bonuses of the system. In particular, pay attention to the Daily Gift tab. It is a loyalty program that presupposes rewards for visiting the service every day. Every stake you make gives you experience and promotes your loyalty tier. Each tier improves your daily gift. It is possible to get up to 2 gems every day. Each level will improve the sum of 10%, or $0.2.

Note that the loyalty system makes you achieve one of two targets: you need to deposit a particular sum or wager a sum ten times more than you have deposited within three weeks. If you do not meet one of the requirements, you will get one-tenth of the daily bonus. What is more, the bonus is available only if you have already deposited at least $1 or a gem.

Customer Support

The customer support service is a weak side of WTFSkins. You can send the message to the email address (, which can be found at the end of the Terms and Conditions page. The other way to reach it is to write a ticket into a special form. Possibly, your problem can be resolved by the FAQ section or in the online chat, where you can ask the players like you.

WTFSkins Pros and Cons

The service has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Here, I will list the most prominent of them. Of course, the list is subjective, and you might face different user experiences.

Pros Cons
● The service is provably fair.

● It has enough ways to share and get CS:GO, Dota 2, and TF2 skins.

● The registration is straightforward and instant.

● There are enough security and fairness measures.

● Good affiliation program and other bonuses.

● Two unique gambling regimes.

● You cannot withdraw money but skins only.

● The support means are not enough.

● There are only three games to play.

● The bonus system is not diversified, and the loyalty program requires passing through the goals.


WTFSkins might not be a good casino site. However, it is good enough in the sphere of CS:GO skins gambling. The site is secure and safe for every user. It can be a good and fun alternative to boring marketplaces. If you want to run your skins into something bigger or just feel some heat, do not hesitate to register there. And do not forget about my promotion offer for a special bonus.


Do I need to verify my account?

No, it appears that you do not have to do it. The system suggests you have verified your Steam profile. It uses the data from it, so this step is not obligatory.

How to check my game result?

In each game, a special link to the fairness form will appear. It will become visible as soon as you make the first stake with gems. Do not worry: the code will save the results forever. Few words about his WTFskins guide: Christian Francis, a dedicated CS:GO player and gambler who loves reviewing all the side services connected with the game and its marketplace. In his blog, you will find reviews on some interesting CG:GO gambling projects, as well as on the interesting platforms, where people exchange and sell skins.