How to Deposit & Withdraw on WFTSkins?

Wtfskins is a skin trading website which allows users to trade their skins for other skins or to withdraw them into real money.

The withdrawal process is simple, but it takes 2-3 business days for the money to be transferred from the user’s account to their bank account. On the other hand, the deposit process on wtfskins is also simple and takes less than 24 hours for the money to be transferred from user’s account and deposited in their bank account.

Adding money on WTFSkin is an easy process, since you can use any of the listed deposit methods. At this point, you can make deposits into a WTFSkin account using multiple methods.   

WTFSkins gives you a certain amount of free credit, depending on the account tier. At WTFSkins, users can request free daily bonuses ranging from $0.02 up to $144.10, depending on your level. Another bonus offered by WTFSkins is if you connect Steam to wtfskins, this is where you get a chance to trigger a bonus that gives you extra cash if you win an upgrade match.   

When you register, and throughout your time playing with WTFSkins, you get access to a large variety of WTKskins bonuses and promotions. On the site, you can find classic games such as jackpot, roulette, or crash. Actually, classic games like Jackpot are all available games at WTFSkin, if you would like to play Cases, you can head over to a partner site — CSGOLive. There is only limited games available for betting, but the ones that are offered are popular.    


You might not find the amount of games that some of the other CSGO betting sites have on offer, but the quality of games that WTFskin has to offer is unmatched, giving users a chance to win in games or level up their skins. WTFSkins would be in the list of best CSGO betting sites, as far as gambling sites accepting skins are concerned, but WTFSkins will not top that list. As this is an international gambling site for Cs Go skins, you have to keep in mind they do not offer any Swedish support. Not only does WTFSkin offer Crash and CSGO Roulette, it is a good site to open cases, giving you the best chances to get a skin you need.   

WTFSkins is an entirely legit site, and has been for years. WTFSkins has everything that any gamer needs, from the legitimacy of the website, the games offered, to the amount of ways you can deposit money and withdraw winnings, this is a place you want to be. There are a few things to improve about WTFSkins, but if you are going to compare it with the numerous other Cs Go skin sites, then this is easily among the best.   

It is one of the better sites when it comes to betting csgo, you do not need to directly deposit money, nor you have to gamble your free money or bonuses in order to get a chance of skins withdrawal. With some details that WTFskins could improve, this is a great website for making deposits. It is an outstanding site when it comes to the deposit and withdraw methods. WTFSkins is a skin betting website, so players can deposit using skins, but also with real cash, or even with gems.    

Yes, WTFSkins is a preferred betting platform for players that choose to deposit and withdraw with only skins. Since skins are the only withdrawal method on WTFSkins, you have to ship it out to other players if you account has an exchange ban. WAX is the OPSKins form, so in order to deposit using these methods, you need to have an OpSKins account and the skins on this specific account, in order to use the trade function. Using means that when you select the item that you wish to withdrawal from the WTFSkin account, your WTFSkin account, you can keep track of when it was purchased by OPSkins, then when it was sent to your account, and eventually, when the purchase was completed.    

If you sign up for an account with WTFSkins, you do not get any kind of free CsGO skins right away, but WTFSkins has some nice rewards and bonuses waiting for you after signing up for an account with them. For new players signing up to WTF Skins, you can currently get 0.40 Gems free of charge once you enter their New Customer Affiliate Bonus Code, which you can use to place and play games. If you already used a bonus code, you can just deposit and get daily free gems from wtfskin, and start winning games.    

Enter the WTFskins Affiliate Code of choice, and then hit Claim. Then, you can claim whatever freebies are offered, which could be free cases, free skins, or free gems. Go to WTFskins and login to your Steam account on the top-section, choose the Free button, and then enter your affiliate code, complete the captcha check, and press the green Claim button. WTFSkins is a CSGO skin betting website, users can bet different games in order to win skins. Unfortunately, WTFSkins does not have much going for it, unlike some of the other CSGO betting sites, WTFSkins has esports matches for you to bet on, and the website focuses solely on their CsGO casino games, which are available to bet on with either real cash or CsGO skins.    

If betting through skins, and especially betting for skins, is your thing, then we highly recommend WTFSkins because of their reputation, usability, bonuses, and fair-play model. WTFSkins allows players to bet on casino-style games such as roulette, jackpots, and crashes. At WTFSkins, players are given access to three total casino-style games, which are Crash, Roulette, and Jackpot, and not much else. WTFSkins is an online skin gambling platform which allows players to wager money in multiple games, such as crash and roulette, in order to win skins for CSGO.    


Whether you are into CSGO roulette, CSGO crash, or looking for an awesome site for case discovery, WTFSkins might just be the place to go. WTF Skins is a gambling website in CSGO offering games such as CSGO Crash and CSGO Roulette, along with Case Opening. Hopefully, WTFSkin withdrawals adds more methods, since WTFSkin has many options for deposit methods.